About Us

Welcome to Davinci Shoes! first established in 1983 the founder Mr Jomha  first came into the footware industry in 1963. He and his 5 brothers had a goal, the goal to bring Italian and Spanish style and quality to our ever-expanding city.

At the time, Edmonton had limited access to exceptional quality footwear. the Jomha brothers brought exclusive collections that embodied uniqueness and individuality. Mr Jomha worked as a professional footware buyer for 20 years, discovering and developing relationships with new brands and designers. In 1983 he branched out and Davinci Shoes opened in the world renowned West Edmonton Mall.

The vision was to not only provide Edmonton with the latest in designer footware and handbags, but more importantly, to offer merchandise with exceptional value, quality, and individual service. Every product sold in our store is hand-picked and thoroughly researched in order to provide our customers with the very best. Mr Jomha even worked directly with European shoe designers and in 1988 developed his own line of shoe called Rosina , which are now highly sought after within the vintage market. In 1990, Mr Jomha passed the torch to his two sons.

In order to meet our customers growing needs, Davinci Shoes opened in the heart of downtown Edmonton in 1996. Till this day, we continue to push ourselves by constantly evolving.

In 2005, Davinci unveiled an entirely new look that reflects our appreciation for sleek, classic and sophisticated design. And although we have experienced many changes over the years, the one consistent thread that connects past to present is our unique blend of leisure, sport, and fashion footware.